FAO Patients transferred from Promenade Medical Centre - We would like to extend a warm welcome from the team at Palatine Group Practice (PGP) 

Unfortunately there is an inaccuracy in the letter you have received from DHSC specifically in relation to 'Patient Access'. We are unable to sign you up for this at the moment. Your previous access from Promenade unfortunately does not transfer across. Please order any repeat prescriptions in the interim by emailing and remember to include the pharmacy that you wish us to forward your prescription to for collection and as soon as we resume 'normal' services we will sign you up on your first visit to the Practice with Photographic ID and proof of address. Kind regards.

Appointment Tips

smiling_patientBelow are some top tips for when you visit your doctor:

Before the appointment:

  • Write down your two or three most important questions. 
  • Write down the details of your symptoms, including when they started and what makes them better or worse. 
  • If you are taking any ‘over the counter’ medicines or supplements that the doctor has not prescribed, make sure that you take a list of them, so that the doctor knows what you are taking. 

During the appointment:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand. 
  • If you aren’t sure about one or more of the words about your condition or treatment, ask for them to be written down. 
  • Write things down in a notebook.  This makes it easier to remember afterwards what the doctor or nurse told you.

Before you leave the appointment make sure you:

  • Check that you’ve understood what was said.  Ask the doctor/Nurse to explain again if you aren’t sure.
  • Check that you’ve understood what treatment (if any) is being recommended for you and how it will happen e.g. will it be an outpatient appointment at the hospital, or do you need blood tests, or have you been given some medication.  If the doctor has prescribed some medicine for you, do you understand how you should take it and when it should be started/finished?
  • Is there anything that you should stop or start doing that is making your condition worse?
  • Is there anything that you can do to help yourself?
  • What happens next?  (e.g. do you need to make another appointment?)